what a great racehorse name!

On New year’s day 2013, My racing club ran a new horse for the first time called Yabadabadoo finishing 3rd on debut members were very happy with his run

I can hear you all humming the Flintstones………

Yabba is prone to mucus in his lungs, (he also  now has the horsey equivalent of asthma and now lives in the field which he loves )but he’s clear at the moment but he gas regular endoscopy which are painless and normal for all racehorses before and after they race.
scoping a horse can be done for many different reasons. basically it is a small camera put down into the wind pipe or lungs depending on what you are looking for, EG for example if a horse showed up a bad scope before it runs and is withdrawn this can be due to many different factors, it could have little whitish spots showing in its windpipe this is generally taken that the horse is showing some sort of virus etc and bleeding etc the scope gives a very good look inside where the eye can’t see and the horse can’t tell you it is wrong:
Here is an explanation and short YouTube video about the procedure

I hope you’ve found this post interesting and different, if you have any questions about racehorses or horse  racing don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll try to answer them.

Finally today after waiting for 7 years Yabba has won his first ever race!!!

*Yabba update: he has now been retired and he has already found a loving forever home, where he will enjoy three day eventing etc…..


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