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In July, Il Divo recorded a NHK charity song for The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake relief, titled “Flowers Will Bloom (original Japanese title: Hana wa Saku )” in English. The recording scenes from the studio and their latest exclusive interviews will be broadcasted on NHK (terrestrial /nation-wide Japan) on Wednesday, September 11th at 10pm (Japan Time).
The English version of the same program will be broadcasted on October 5th (Sat) at 9:30am (Japan Time) on NHK World (shown in approximately 130 countries/ 160,460,000 households) with 5 reruns every 4 hours. This can be enjoyed through free live streaming at the NHK WORLD official website .
Il Divo’s “ Flowers Will Bloom ” will be digitally released in Japan in early October (release date TBA), followed by the worldwide digital release including iTunes.
The charity song “Hana wa Saku” was born for a purpose to support the recovery of afflicted areas and the victims of The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011, and has been used as the theme song for “NHK /The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Relief Project”. Its lyrics are written by the famous film director (winner of Berlin International Film Festival) Iwai Shunji, and composed /arranged by the acclaimed Japanese songwriter and the pianist, Kanno Yoko. Both songwriters are from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, which is one of the afflicted areas from the disaster. In addition, its English lyrics were written by Roger Pulvers.
The song “ Hana wa Saku” was originally sung and recorded by a group of 36 celebrities (who had previously lived in NorthEast) called “Hana wa Saku Project” including Nishida Toshiyuki (film/ TV actor), Nakaruma Masatoshi (actor/ artist), Mori Kumiko (opera /musical singer), Arakawa Shizuka (figure skater /2006 Winter Olympics gold medalist), and Sandwitchman (comedian). Furthermore, at last year’s “NHK 63rd Kohaku Utagassen (Red&White Singing Tournament)” broadcasted on December 31st, the song “Hana wa Saku” was performed with Kanno Yoko (conductor), Tsuji Nobuyuki (pianist).
“Flowers Will Bloom” is Il Divo’s first charity song participation in Japan, but they have previously performed the song “Furusato” in Japanese, as a prayer for the recovery at their Japan Tour in March 2012. This was their first time singing the traditional Japanese song, and their philanthropic performance was embraced with a massive standing ovation. After their Japan Tour, there were huge amount of requests for the CD release of “Furusato” from fans. As a result, “Furusato” was recorded and the included on their “Greatest Hits” album as the Japanese bonus track in November 2012.

David Miller commented:
“IL DIVO is an international band comprised of members from 4 different countries. We are often called “musical ambassadors”, connecting the world with our music. It’s our pleasure taking part in “FLOWERS WILL BLOOM”. We couldn’t be happier knowing our vocals on this song might be able to help in Japan in some small way. About 2 and a half years has passed since the 3-11 disaster, and we understand Japan is still on the way towards a full recovery and reconstruction. We hope this song encourages people of t world to not forget about the disaster that happened, and we hope to walk strong with the people in Japan.”
Il Divo has been encouraging Japan for its recovery from The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake since March 2011, and now their emotional and beautiful vocals and prayer in the song “ Flowers Will Bloom ” will be spreading out to the world.

New album Japan presale decision for the first time in two years the long-awaited Il Divo! And as a bonus track, “flowers bloom” and sing in English!
That monster vocal unit proud of overwhelming popularity all over the world, new album for the first time in two years the long-awaited Il Divo “Musical Affair” is pre-release in Japan on October 23 for the first time in the world decision was. It is also special recording “Hana ~ FLOWERS WILL BLOOM blooming” is NHK’s Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction song as Japan Bonus track.

Presence of the one and only, Il Divo. Sales 2,600 million copies, won a number one more than 50 times, current and classical crossover group the best, platinum disk class also more than 160 and a gold disc in 33 countries over the album so far by the world’s first Record the sales, you’ve done world tour of four times. 2011, in Japan, Fuji TV drama “Diplomat Kuroda cultivation” theme song, “revenge of Andalusia goddess” movie, triple tie-up song of TOYOTA “Alphard” TVCM the “Time To Say Goodbye” A new fan acquired axis. In Japan tour in March 2012, to sing the “home” in Japanese for Japan, it was me encouraged the Japanese.

And, in 2013. A six albums eye two years “Musical Affair” is collected, “Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Miserables” and “West Side Story”, a song inspired by the Broadway musical it is work for the first time. In addition, the Japanese edition bonus track, NHK Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction song “Hana ~ FLOWERS WILL BLOOM blooming” to special recorded (Lyrics: Roger Pulvers Iwai Shunji / product, arrangement: Yoko Kanno / English text of a song in translation) . In addition, with the release of the album, making a time-limited performance in the Marquis Theatre NY Broadway from November 7, was also announced. (Such as a VIP package that can be face-to-face with artists, official information, please refer to ILDIVO.COM all.)

New album “Musical Affair”, “(Bring Him Home) to let all his” number of classic hit the heart (“Les Miserables”), “Tonight” (such as “West Side Story”), we along with the new arrangement and interpretation emotional, will product, which celebrated the duet partner artists familiar with sunburst and Broadway in the romantic Il Divo flow, the. Live duet with Barbra Streisand, “Music of the Night” (“Phantom of the Opera”), and Nicole Scherzinger “Memory” (“Cats”), with Heather Headley the “love feeling “was accompanied by a flower album (such as” Lion King “), with its great talent. Familiarity is deeply in musical theater, served as Marius role when Carlos was premiered in Spain in 1993, “Les Miserables” and David in 2003 on Broadway four members of Il Divo is, “La -plays a role of Rodolfo Boheme “, and is nominated for seven Tony Awards.

Baritone representative from Spain, comments Carlos Marin
I think “I think this will be a great surprise. everyone of fans, and me sincerely willing … sincerely. song is one that was well-known, but the concept and sound performance in. Broadway that was new also, I will be the chance to try something completely new theatrical for us ”

In addition, it is recorded in Belgium in July, September 11, 2013 “Hana ~ FLOWERS WILL BLOOM to bloom” NHK earthquake reconstruction assistance song, which is included as a Japanese bonus track, the exclusive interview and recording patterns, ( it is introduced “Hana ~ to the world from singing voice Northeast Special – hope blooming” in the broadcast schedule on NHK General water) to (22:00 to 22:49). “Blooming flower” in the charity song has been produced to support the reconstruction of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, Iwai Shunji of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture born worked the lyrics, composition, arrangement of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture from still Yoko Kanno is in charge. Was held on December 31, 2012 In the “63rd NHK Red and White Singing Contest”, Nishida Toshiyuki Nakamura Masatoshi Mori Kumiko Arakawa Shizuka Sandwich Man by Nobuyuki Tsujii (piano) Yoko Kanno (conductor) is performance. Part of the sales and royalties of this song will be donated as donations to the disaster area through NHK Public Welfare Organization. In addition, Roger Pulvers was in charge of the English lyrics.

David Miller, has commented as follows “flowers bloom” in relation to this project on behalf of the Il Divo.
Il Divo with the international background of different “four countries, mostly referred to goodwill ambassador of” music with the (musical ambassadors) “connect with the music world. it becomes such that we will be allowed to participate “flowers bloom” in this project, I am very pleased. Voice of our long as the put up to get the role of people in Japan even a little, I can not tell you how happy I am. Month of two and a half years is flowing from the Great East Japan Earthquake, but I have heard a middle road reconstruction. “Bloom” through we were singing, I hope that people around the world do not forget about that disaster. I think we want to go and come strong with you in the future of Japan. ”

Il Divo is, has been working in order to encourage the Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, but prayer and thought their riding a beautiful examine the “blooming flower”, it must reach the hearts of more and more people.

■ (Products) Information ■ release
the world fell in love. Musical cover album of IL DIVO’s first gorgeous!
“Musical Affair”
October 23, 2013 Japan presale
price: Limited Edition (CD + DVD) \ 3,800 (tax included) / Edition (1CD) \ 3,000 (tax included)
Part Number: Limited Edition (CD + SICP-30339: DVD): SICP-30337 ~ 8 / Edition (1CD)
Blu-spec CD spec2 only ※ Japanese board
Commentary lyrics with translation

■ bonus track music information ■
Lyrics: Shunji Iwai / product, arrangement: Yoko Kanno / English text of a song in translation: Roger Pulvers
Track List
(Disc 1) ※ Limited Edition, Limited Edition Common
(featuring Nicole Scherzinger) (Cats) 1. memory
(featuring Heather Headley) (Lion King) Feeling 2. love
to let all 3. he (Bring Him Home) (Les Miserables) Te
4. Tonight (West Side Story)
5. All I Ask Of You (featuring Christine Chenou~esu) (Phantom of the Opera)
6. fascination (South Pacific) evening
and I said if you go to 7. anywhere (cry of Dolan, the smell of the crowd)
8. Liv Forever (We Will Rock You)
9.’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)
10. If break up with you Moshimo (Camelot)
11. Love (Michael Ball and Il Divo) (Asupekutsu Of Love) changes everything
12. Music Of The Night (Barbra Streisand with Il Divo Phantom of the (Opera)) [live recording]
Japan Bonus Track
13. Hana ~ FLOWERS WILL BLOOM * [NHK earthquake reconstruction assistance Song] fence
part of the sales, right also levies, of this music * by the kindness of everyone of those, you will be delivered to the affected areas through the NHK Public Welfare Organization as donations.

: (DVD Disc 2)
is going to record the video (including interviews music commentary by members) documentary “Magic of Musical”. (About 30 minutes scheduled Duration) ※ Limited Edition only Disc1

■ Biography ■
The group name “IL DIVO (Il Divo)” and, Italian word for male version of diva or performer, like God. Members, four cosmopolitan America, France, Switzerland, and from Spain. Since its debut in November 2004, the album total sales so far, record 2,600 million copies worldwide, and earned more than 50 times the number one, 160 times a platinum disk or gold in 33 or more countries is certified, I went four times a revolutionary world tour. Pop artist tenor baritone tenor from Switzerland, Urs Bura, from Spain, Carlos Marin, of France, Sebastian Izanbaru, born in the United States, is the international quartet consisting of David Miller. for Il Divo was formed in 2003, for the singer who four, concert series and the accompanying album of this year, a milestone of one to commemorate the career of 10 years and have been successful as a unit.

■ Il Divo official HP ■ / ildivo

“Flowers will Bloom” is now available to download via Itunes Japan
And Itunes U.K.

Itunes is available in lots of countries you need to download the program first to use it, however it will be in that country’s language and currency


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