IL Divo possible new album theme for 2015

Hi all, been surfing the net looking for a certain recent interview with Carlos in Mexico found it!
He talked about the mexicn leg of the of the tour. which we now know was a sellout

English translation
The pop – opera quartet Il Divo recreate musicals in a Broadway show which is innovative and full of surprises that will offer on 3 May at the Arena Mexico City as part of their ” A Musical Affair , The Greatest Songs of Broadway Live”Two years after their previous visit to this city, the group composed of tenor Urs Buhler ( Sweden ) , baritone Carlos Marin ( Spain ) , pop artist Sebastien Izambard / France) and tenor David Miller (USA) , returns In an interview, Carlos Marín explained that for this occasion they have prepared a different show to what they have done so far, based on the themes of their latest album ” A musical affair . The Greatest Songs of Broadway Live” , which was released in November. The public can enjoy the performance of ” Music of the Night” and “All I ask of you” ( The Phantom of the Opera ) , “Bring Him Home ” ( Les Miserables ) and ” Tonight ” (West Side Story )

”Some of the surprises we have prepared for presentation in Mexico , forward, is that all the songs will be interpreted in Spanish, and will be accompanied by 30 musicians on stage and have greater interaction with the public .

”Finally, Carlos Marín explained that after his tour of Mexico, which also includes performances in the cities of Monterrey and Puebla, continue the tour by the United States, Russia and Europe until November, and then they start recording their next album.

Although he did not want to give more details at the moment, said it is an album designed in the Mexican and Latin American groups, and they expect to be ready in the spring of 2015, “is a pop album, but the only thing I can say to them is that I love Mexicans and Latinos. “

I love how he keeps us in suspense………… 🙂

Intresting new titbit…………..

watch this space 🙂

Enlish translation

interterview with Carlos Marin from Mexico Sept 2014
Carlos Marin, said in an interview for Mexico:
Il Divo cantará BOLEROS mainly Latino for their seventh album, that you will see the light in the Autumn of 2015, the kids are going on tour in the U. S. And Latin America ( borzoi Latin America ).
Bolero is a gender romantic slow music originated in Spain and Cuba. Is famous for romantic and poetic letters, usually cantadas by threes. Looking forward to hearing adjustments of the IL Divo. I am sure that your covered it turns out to be something amazing. I hope that the twist would go for the whole world

Enlish translation from an in Mexico, on December 7th ( the relevent bit about the possible new album)
in MEXICO (El Universal) .- The new challenge of Il Divo is a record of boleros entirely in Mexico, a country that considered appropriate to continue with the purpose of making materials with a concept.

“It took me quite a while to convince them that the British did not understand much of Latin music; I think we can recover because we had two years ago when we disappeared to be singing more in the US and Europe, and I hope we strongly to Latin American homes, “said Spanish singer and baritone Carlos Marín.

With both Spanish and Mexican producers is to give you some surprises and although he declined to give many details did not rule out the duets.

“It will be an album of Latin boleros and begin a tour; There is much ahead with Il Divo and that is why we will be in the soup. We sing songs from each country will tangos or topics of Mexico, they are super popular songs and will be recorded in Mexico in March and April. ”


8 thoughts on “IL Divo possible new album theme for 2015

    • We will just have to wait and see! They start recording March/April due for release in the autumn, they are just keeping things fresh and a new world tour is likely to coincide with the new album………..

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  1. Awsome! This was the what I was waiting for! In here in Mexico we love Il Divo a lot but most of thier fans say that it will be great that if instead of a clasical CD which only includes songs in english and italian it could have songs in spanish. So Mexico is very exited to recived this new album and we would always going to love Il Divo! Bye!


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