To film or not to film at concerts????

I know this is a hot potato with some artists in the music industry, as some object to people using their phones as it can be distracting it also depends on the venue as well.
in my own experience following IL Divo for the last 11 years, they don’t seem to mind being filmed on tour they even do it themselves remember the selfies…………
I have filmed some bits of my last three concerts very discreetly I made sure it wasn’t affecting anyone else’s enjoyment of the show and no one asked me to stop filming the snippets I did and yes I watched the entire concert!
Realistically venues will never stop people from filming, the stewards have better things to do than be phone and camera police and isn’t that what youtube was invented for????
It’s also good because it might get people interested in new music genres and good for the artists because they get know where without fans who buy their music………..
I’d be lost without kind divas who film and share some of their concert moments with me as I can’t always get to shows it’s a great way of staying in touch with the guys.
Will I carry on discreetly filming on tour? Yes unless a venue bans it completely.


5 thoughts on “To film or not to film at concerts????

  1. i film discreetly as i dont want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment…fans and the guys of course….but i only film snippets as i don’t want to watch my shows through a tiny viewfinder !!!


  2. I have never filmed at a concert because I have had nothing to film with. I, too, have enjoyed what others have filmed. And am sure I would have filmed if I could.

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  3. Some peopple like myself would never see the artists in concert if not for photos taken during the concert. Do hope they keep on coming. Keep on shooting, Kate!!!!


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