Concert Review: Il Divo at the Genting Arena Birmingham 7/5/2016

Great review

Early Rising Mum

I don’t care how many Youtube videos you’ve watched or how many times you’ve watched, or how much you *think* you know about this show. You can forget all of it, because it won’t match up to the sheer spectacle of the “AMOR Y PASION” *foot stomp* *OLÉ pose* concert live. You’ll get that joke once you’ve seen the concert 😀

Normally the guys have the whole arena, this time it was a little over half, and because of the extended stage, my five rows from the front seemed a lot nearer! The smaller setting meant the sound quality was better and I doubt there was a bad seat in the house to be honest. Don’t be thinking half the crowd means half the atmosphere though. In Brum we like to PARTY!

First off I have to say, all this fuss over the dancers is as I thought it might…

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