Belated Concert Report – Amor y Pasion in Bournemouth

Absolutely brilliant review

The Contents Of My Mind

I suddenly realised today that I didn’t put my report on here. And as many people don’t know my Tumblr (as it will stay *ahem*) then I shall transfer it here too. Originally in 2 parts, I’ve put them both together. IT’S LONG BTW.

So, to start with mum and I met up with 2 friends at the train station & travelled down to Bournemouth for about 12:30pm. We were driving through the town when we got stuck in traffic right near the entrance to the new Hilton hotel. Now, who should be parked outside it, getting cases out the back of the cars but CARLOS. WE SAW CARLOS FROM A DISTANCE *swoons* So basically that’s how we knew where they were staying. It would have been easy to run along there once we’d checked in to our place, but we decided to wait and see if we could see…

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