Review: Carlos Marin “En Concierto”

Ordered mine can’t wait!

Early Rising Mum

Ever since Carlos started to perform solo concerts back in 2011, alongside being a member of Il Divo, his fans have been clamouring for a DVD to made of the show. This month sees Carlos release not only a DVD but a live CD to go with it! Unfortunately, the actual CD/DVD is only available in Mexico, and Amazon Mx don’t ship outside of Mexico 😦 The CD however is available in digital form from Amazon UK, Spain and Germany. You can also find it on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.

There are 19 live tracks plus the single “Entregate” which is a duet with Innocence, it was one of my Songs for the Month.

Live albums I find can sometimes be hit and miss.. this one however is most definitely a hit! Carlos sings a range of songs from Latin Classics to Tom Jones to Frank Sinatra to Musical numbers…

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