#‎RAFFLEforDIVOTUMBLERS‬ for Sanfilippo Childrens Foundation……….. A stunning amount raised

#RAFFLEforILDIVOTUMBLERS DRAW – Thank you so much Ingrid and the awesome Remi, Isla and Jude’s therapy dog, at Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation’s HQ for drawing our Divo tumbler winners and congratulations to Rita (twice!), Jeri and Tina! I’m currently contacting them to sort out the details so Chung can send them their prizes, which were kindly donated by the Il Divo Korean Divas. Thanks to all of you who bought tickets, no less than $700 were donated to the Big Feet for Little Feet campaign of the Foundation. Thanks last but certainly not least to our Fan Charity Coordinator Beth for setting this up and the promotion around it. Another difference made by all of you #ildivofansforcharity that you can be very proud of! Our next charity auction/raffle is coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled! Anne-Lies


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