Tomorrow spanish webchat with Carlos…………..

1. as sleeping carlos marin in underpants, boxer shorts or bare
Hello, How are you? Well, I duerrmo naked being the only group divorced single lol
2. With your future concert in Mexico City What other countries would you like to take your show? Kisses from Mexico
For the truth that I will carry for Latin America and casinos seguaramente USA and Spain next year
3. Hello, Mr. Marin! Everyone asks about Il Divo, about his work as a soloist, now that he is promoting his album “Carlos Marin. In concert , ” but no one has asked him about his role as entrepreneur, who is behind a record label independent (Shows Third Millennium). How do you feel a “pezqueñín” in a world of “big sharks”? Greetings.
For the world of the entrepreneur it is difficult since being producer and singer both have to control everything and is quite difficult because you have to be on stage and off. Therefore, there are times that it is complicated.
4. Will you do a concert in Barcelona?
I’m on it. Yes, I’d love to stop by this so fantastic city.
5. In the future we will have the opportunity to hear songs that are themselves? Irene greetings group IDGI
Well just in my DVD + CD ‘Carlos Marín in concert’ that porcierto out the Sept. 16 in Spain, containing the duet entitled ‘Surrender’ sung with Innocence that was recorded for the telenovela ‘Amazons’ leading in Mexico’s number one sales and can now follow the telenovela in Nova Canal.
6. Hi Carlos. Congratulations on your great success in Mexico. You deserve to be a great artist. I’m a fan of Madrid and I had the great good fortune to see you when singers in Madrid. I would like to know two things: 1. When your CD + DVD will be released here in Spain? And 2. Haras something special when you leave here in Spain: as a disk signature or something? Finally good luck to you and Geraldine concert Mexico. Kisses and thank you very much
Yes, as I said earlier DVD + CD out this Friday September 16 in Spain. As I’m only here this week there will be no signing session but I have provided a session in December around tour with Il Divo.
7. Ciao tutti i realizzato Carlos hai tuoi sogni or ne hai ancora nel cassetto one? Veramente threes thing you rende felice? Grazie smooth
If I realizato mio tuti suogni
8. I see agotaagotado come down a notch always see you from there to here do not like to stop your country Spain Mexico as you live there
For as life is short seized. You’re right do not have much time to rest and time as hierpactivo am I invest in to be producing country to country. I am more in Mexico since all my colleagues residing in the US and it’s easier to move there when we are all but nonetheless I love Spain.
Avatar Sarah Kutschera
9. Hello, Carlos! I wanted to say I absolutely love your concert DVD and the album! My question is this: would you consider bringing your show to the UK so your British fans Have a chance to see you in person? Por Favor? Thank you! x
Thanks Darling. Right now I’m touring more in mexico and latin america who knows maybe soon.
10. Have you made ​​statements about what follows in the career of a member of Il Divo and solo singer but what ‘s next for Carlos, the person? Kisses from Mexico. Sara.
Carlitos person and singer are very close, which means that as I’m really into my career so far not marry in my plans so I’ll single and whole, enjoying life. LOL
Avatar mjal964
11. Hello Carlos, question grabarias topics on your next CD, all alone? Additional question, you talked to record an album of duets, would be before or after a new solo material? Greetings Mary Alcantara Mexico
Just the idea that I have is two years from now because next year we recorded with Il Divo new album is out with an album of duet Innocence including other Latin singers like Riki Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Thalia …
This would be for 2018.
12. Carlos as a normal day in your life? Kisses from Barcelona. Silvia
For a normal day in my life does not exist. If I go to the beach I try to rest without using the mobile but it takes me an hour hahaha
13. Hey, Carlos! First of all, let me congratulate you on the tremendous success of your first solo album! God, this is sooo delicious! The style of Las Vegas, Broadway or Hollywood is your favorite style? Are you planning to surprise us with something unpredictable? With pespeto Adella
Thank you very much for your compliments. I tried to get more sugar to be more delicious lol Vegas style, Broodway or Hollywood did because I wanted to present to the public all he had done throughout my career. At the concert I’m going to do in Mexico will have some surprises.
14. How would you consider first the magical encounter with that special someone?
For dinner under the stars and candlelight on a Caribbean beach with waves caressing my feet and sounding album ‘Carlos Marin in concert’ which certainly leaves the September 16 lol
15. Hi, I’m from Carmelo Uruguay. Quiciera know you do not live in Spain or Mexico else in the world that go?
One of the places that I love is Japan, especially Tokyo. More than anything because we spent a lot of time with Il Divo there and are super workers. So it’s a country that I love for their discipline. And just like my record bag there on November 16 because I probably step over there soon with my Japanese fans.
16. You have all the ingredients to be happy, what you ask of life, what your dreams are?
The truth is that I have the good fortune to work in what I like. For me more than a job is a hobby. What I ask to life is to keep working and singing to reach the hearts of all the people who’re always supporting me because without you none of the artists exist.
17. Hey, Carlos! Sincerely envy you your self! What things are able to put themselves out to Carlos Marin or that is impossible in principle? she Menchero
Tardiness and poor discipline. I love too perfect, especially at work. Personally, I’m more normal and more condescending.
18. What do you spend your free time? Siemper so busy, surrounded by so many people .¿ not looking for a little solitude?
Although it is always surrounded by people always traveling and living in hotels solitude there but that’s why I dedicate myself to music because it fills me tremendously.
19. What about family, private life that nobody knows? We see only the image projected Carlos .What is the real?
The real Carlos is as you see. Of course, trying to protect mine, my family and I do not like to talk about them because they are not public figures but I am a very simple guy. My phone is 64 …. lol
20. Always surrounded by beautiful women, well dressed, glamorous, dear ……… which you do not you get tired a little?
For me since I do not feel flattered but although it seems that the music world has much glamor, do not say you do not have, has drawbacks such as jet lag and try to always be smiling even if you’re dying of tiredness but me is very easy since I’m laughing.
21. Carlos, return to sing in the opera?
Back to sing in the opera will be very difficult because I’m doing too many things at once and so far the only time I have free is sleeping.
22. Hello Mr. Marin! In his many interviews all over the world, rare is the occasion that does not mention his marital status. It would seem that for you, “eligible bachelor” the world is not enough … Have you considered the possibility of communicating to NASA and the data they send a rocket into outer space? Who knows, maybe we would see him married to a Vulcan, Klingon or sister ET …;) Greetings: D
Yes, being single gold, do not know if gold or silver. Your idea interests me throw rocket. You come with me? hahaha
23. I’m in love with Carlitos marin.¿¿. Now that will come to mexico Before his presentation, he will be signing autographs?
No, I will not give time because I will arrive just in time.
24. carlos when goods to Madrid to sign your cd
The idea I have is to make a signature in December this year.
25. And the family What role does your daily life? Because the super success you have worked and what bien.A
My family ranks number one. No matter how successful you have if you have your family and friends what good is all the fame and money if you do not enjoy with your family ??
26. What perfume do you use?
Use Chanel Egoist Platinum. Who wants to buy it so be ajjajaa
27. if one day be able to get one of his doctor here in temuco. that otherwise ho thanks and good luck and success for Carlos.
You can find the album on Amazon or Itunes. It’s called ‘Carlos Marín in concert’. In Mexico already physically he left and in Spain comes out September 16th. Oh and November 16 in Japan.
28. Hello, Carlos, my name is Darina. First of all, I Should say you are a very interesting and many-sided person. I admire your diligence and of your vision of life and creativity. I have a lot of questions and here are some of them: Have you ever tried to create something by yourself, a musical composition or a poem, for example? And do you have a hidden talent or gift except for music? Take care and thank you very much, kisses Ukraine))))
yes i have composed many songs but just for fun, it would be fantastic to one day produce my own music … My Hidden talent and gifts are hidden … i cant tell you … hehehe
29. Good morning Carlos, in language you prefer singing in English or Spanish ?? Good luck in your solo album.
It depends on the song but I have to say that the Spanish sounds great as it is a very romantic language.
Avatar carlosmarinyamigos
30. Hi Carlos. Ask at your next Cds, would you like a particular topic in mind ?, a composer ?, sure there will be some issue made ​​especially for your voice and style? Greetings from your Club Carlos Marin and Friends
There are so many good songs that would be difficult to choose the one. To me the singers I like are Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones.
31. Hello Carlos, my name is Jessica, first I want to say hello and congratulate you on your voice, your performance; you’re a great singer. You’re a real heartthrob both on stage and in everyday life. If I invite you to meet my land, lunch and coffee, coming? Please do not stop you out pictures so you see and covet more haha. Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina.
Ofcourse I’m always open to new esperiencias and more if Mendoza in Argentina who have told me that you are very beautiful.
32. Since when have you been with this project in mind? Good luck at the concert.
This project started three years ago collecting the songs I’ve done throughout my career. It was a pretty difficult job as it could have done a concert ten hours and compress two has been difficult but with the help of the voice of Innocence that helped me a lot in choosing the songs, style, duets I do with it has It has been a much better job. In my DVD + CD ‘Carlos Marín in concert’ and on sale across all platforms even in the shoes hahaha
33. You’re a very important man with a unique voice! I am a fan of yours! Where more impact you sing and for whom?
I have sung for many people. One of the most beautiful esperiencias I had with Il Divo was singing on tour with Barbara Streisand. I remember we sang the New York at Madison Square Garden filled with actors like Robert De Niro, Alpachino … and suddenly in the middle knocking on the door of the dressing room, open the door and I find Hilary Clinton who wanted to take a picture with us as it is fan of Il Divo. We went out to take the picture and that Bill Clinton came humorously saying he wanted to tour with us playing the saxophone and the truth is that it was very funny. Look I’m still laughing.
The truth that I’ve had very good. You are a fan charm. Thank you very much for your support and I hope that you may on November 25 at the Teatro Metropolitan in Mexico City you come to see my show and if you want to see me before because since September 20 will be touring with Il Divo throughout the US . A hug and a kiss big .. and buy my album all !!!!!


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