More new divo nuggets from Carlos on plans for 2017 and beyound

very excited to read it as 2018 is a very special and important year for me …… 🙂

Embarked for more than a decade of success on that ship is “Il divo” ago, Carlos Marin dismounting check occasionally to navigate on their own projects. Which he now occupies is the promotion of “Carlos Marín in concert”, a disc and dvd in the concert he gave in January this year in Madrid is collected.

A Carlos Marin changed his life thirteen years ago, when presented to an audition in London for a project producer Simon Cowell. Until then, his career had developed on stage: opera, operetta and musicals. “I never thought that we would sell forty million albums confesses; in fact, when I showed up to audition, I did not intend to be in “Il divo”; I was then singing an opera in Dublin … ”

Since then, his life is a constant journey with the quartet. “Now we continue with the tour of” Love and passion “-relata the US singer-; between 20 September and 20 November. Then I go to Mexico, at Christmas I come here earlier this year probably keep touring Latin America, and in March back to Spain on tour “with mine.” And then I embark again with “Il Divo” from March to June, to make a new album and promote it … ”

New projects

The thing does not end here. You have thought Carlos Marin released a new album in 2018: “As has been so well the duo have done with Innocence (the song of a Mexican fotonovela,” The Amazon “), the idea is to make a record of trios with her and artists guests: Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Thalia … And out the same year as I continue with the tour of “Il Divo”. ”

Take a deep breath Carlos Marin after cataract dates, but “a freak programming confession; It is the only way to do things. ” Still, he acknowledges that know now that the March 15, 2018 are going to be, is a guess, in Manila, “is very strong, yes.”

“Carlos Marin concert” was-is-his letter to the public, a review of his career and the songs you like. “You say, here I am, I have done this.” Missing, however, opera and zarzuela; Did you miss? “From time to time, but not too … In opera you play a role, there is a barrier between the public and you; the beauty of my concerts, of “Il divo” is the contact with the audience. Nor have time to do an opera, even to make music. ”

A lesser-known facet of Carlos Marin is the music producer, who grows almost twenty years ago: “I like to see how a product is born, how it grows … It’s a past.”

The success

In these times of crisis in the recording industry, sell forty million copies can be described as a miracle. Carlos Marin Do you know what the secret of “Il divo”?”It’s a mix of going dressed like gentlemen and then join the pop and operatic styles … Our audience age range is very large, and we have many imitators.”

The idea now is to enhance the performances of the quartet. “We can not continue with concerts in which we planted four with the orchestra and go. We need to create a brand that people know going to see a fantastic show and not just four men singing. And make discs for presentation at those concerts, discos-concept: one of Latin music, another film … will think of the songs with an eye on the concert. ”

Resume his solo career does not mean to think about leaving “Il divo”. It has no intention of doing so. “The four we have discussed it counts; It is time to move forward with our own projects, refreshes and also own the more identity plus the group is strengthened. In line with the Rat-Pack “.



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