33 Q& A with Carlos……..

The career of this Spanish artist and producer (Rüssenshein, Germany, 1968) began at age 8, when he recorded his first work produced by Father Abraham. He studied singing with Alfredo Kraus and Montserrat Caballe, among others; He has sung opera and zarzuela and, since 2003, is a member of the quartet Il Divo (with more than 35 million records sold). Now opens solo album, Carlos Marin concert (Sony Music).

1. What is your favorite movie? I love movies, so it’s hard to choose just one. Among all, highlight West Side Story .

2. Do you prefer watching movies in VO or bent? Always VO, and that in Spain bends very well.

3. Are you in favor or against popcorn? It depends on the film and the audience to whom it is directed. I do not like eating in the cinema.

4. Which character would you have liked to be? Someone who had contributed so much to the world as Leonardo Da Vinci.

His book ‘traveler’, ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac.
5. When was the last time you cried in a movie? I’m not very weepy, but that I get excited easily, for example, Hachiko ( Hachiko ).

6. How would wear your favorite actor? From Armani or shirt and jeans, with no major complications.

7. An unforgettable drive. Well, any of Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra.

8. The concert of his life. The Il Divo in New York, with Barbra Streisand.

9. What song fell in love? With I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables .

10. The play I remember with more emotion. The miserable , but remains closely Beauty and the Beast .

11. In the cinema, the theater, a concert … not support … People who arrive late and talking loudly over.

12. A book for a solitary journey. On the way , Jack Kerouac.

13. His favorite corner of Madrid. The Plaza de Oriente.

? 14. And the rest of the world There are three wonderful cities with places to get lost: Rome, Tokyo and Paris.

15. A unique monument. The Empire State Building.

Among his favorite records are those of Elvis Presley.
16. That store always recommended. El Corte Ingles and Fnac. I can not say just one. With the difficulties facing the world the disc, they are betting very strong. If you are shopping online, Amazon.

17. A museum to be visited and what you have to admire works or yes. The Prado, both its permanent collection and temporary; the El Bosco is simply majestic.

. 18. The restaurant that never fails is in Madrid: Ouh Babbo , in the Opera district. Already in Gran Vía, from time to time, I go to De Maria .

19. His favorite dish and who would like to invite to try it . A good barbecue, ribs, sausages, potatoes, salad, corn cobs. Invite someone I had not ever tasted almost impossible.

20. Their tapas bar irreplaceable. Any Market San Anton.

21. His favorite drink. Coca-Cola, I do not drink alcohol, never.

22. The perfect breakfast. Coffee, toast with cheese or jam, orange juice and a couple of fruit. All very balanced.

23. Who share dinner and breakfast. I can not tell you right now …

24. His secret place. It would cease to be secret. I can tell you are in Madrid.

The Coca-Cola is your favorite drink.
25. An unforgettable trip (made or to be made). Phew! I have traveled almost the whole world … Perhaps, Australia.

26. Leisure risk or leisure quiet? Quiet, of course. Pretty risk involves the day.

27. A ‘I want and I can not’. Rather a ‘want, but still can not: produce a musical overhand, Broadway or West End type.

28. Your ideal weekend. Getting up late, meet friends, eating out, going to the movies or the theater, go to bed very late … Something that I have been years without doing.

29. A head designer. Armani, of course.

30. What are your favorite shoes? Those who are comfortable. I do not have a particular brand can be Clarks, Berwick or Camper. It depends on the moment.

31. Do Stiletto heels or sandals? Needle … rather not. And sandals, either. I prefer boots lifetime.

32. Bermuda, yes or no? Yes, when I’m on vacation.

33. Barba or tie? Tie, I do not see a beard.


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