The possible demise of the official IL Divo forum………

A couple of days ago I discovered it was down presumably because site admin haven’t renewed the site yet….

I joined way back in 2010 , because back then it was my only way of finding any information out I had only just discovered my love of social media platforms!

But now I find it a very hostile unwelcoming place full of trolls and spammers and mods who didn’t do it properly they were too busy being rude to the international diva community in personal messages divas are entitled to their own opinions if you don’t agree don’t write it for the world to see if you do reply be respectful and word it very carefully what I term as not offensive could be very offensive to a fellow fan THINK before you answer.

The mods also annoyed me because they never listened to anything or anyone it’s not a game either do it properly or not at all even if your a volunteer they wouldn’t let you share or change anything to make it easier the boards are full of useless outdated crap and now dead links totally irrelevant to today’s fast paced minute by minute social media revolving world.
I hope if it does get reinstated and they need new mods fans who actually care enough to update it properly daily if need be I’ll be first to apply for the post!


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