Update from Sebastien Izambard Official Fanclub

Hello! So nice to see you again and this morning more than usual. We posted +500 of you birthday wishes for @sebdivo on here and I guess the folks at Instagram found that a bit over zealous so they banned us from posting (not liking or interacting) for 24hrs. (While can't help that he's so popular 😉). Our IG admin WILL post the rest of the wishes we still had saved for the rest of this week but at a very slow pace – so please be patient. Let's have a Seb birthday week and celebrate in style 😉, right? After what we have ready we'll do no more though as we have to stop somewhere – we want to keep giving you the best Seb pictures for a long time yet! Well that's me for today, as happy as Seb is on this picture from the Yes24 interview in Hong Kong in 2011. Good to be back! @elaynalisa 👍😘 #sebsoloalbum #teamseb #sebdivo #sifcofficial #ildivofansforcharity #sebastien #izambard #sebastienizambard #ildivo #ildivoofficial #singer #band #musician #music #concert #composer #producer #artist #french #france #instamusic #amazingmusic #amazingvoice

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