Another stunning review for Carousel from Alfie Boe Official Fan Group Facebook member Heather Anne May Moore

Well am I down from Cloud Nine yet after seeing Carousel yesterday?
I thought I would do a review having never been to watch a show at the Coliseum before
I was in awe of its size it really is a beautiful place. I had been looking forward to this show for months. The show was marvellous the carousel waltz was fantastic to look at and I thought it was clever using a circular stage. The story is interesting as Julie and her friend Carrie are drawn into parallel love stories. Julie takes a risk to be with Billy by losing her job and her home. Billy takes a risk letting Julie into his heart. Its not oblivious but I think Billy and Mrs Mullens the Carousel owner may have had an affair or if not Mrs Mullens certainly wanted an affair. Billy follows his heart and marries Julie but darkness looms. I think it was clever placing the story in the nineteen thirties and forties rather than over 100 years ago where its normally set. This was a time just after the depression America was getting on its feet but for Billy he can’t find his footing. Alfie is a delight in the role he was less boorish than I thought he would play it. He was a less self assured Billy which contrasted both with the Self important Mr Snow and the Villon
Jigger Craigin. Nettie played by Brenda Edwards was lovely a wonderful voice. I loved Nicholas Lyndhurst as the stern but caring Starkeeper all the parts were beautifully played and the ballet between Billy and Julies daughter Louise and the young barker was wonderful. Last but not least I really took delight from Katherine Jenkins performance she took Julie from brave young girl to worried wife to loving mother in those three hours .The acting and singing from both leads was a delight. A Must See Show.


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