Final thoughts on Epsom Derby 2017………….

Excellent quality racing across two days very well done to Ballydoyle/Coolmore  winning with 40/1 shot Wings Of Eagles his stud place is now assured.

The run up to the race was dominated by the possible running of 500/1 shot Diore Lia rated 52 in layman’s terms every horse racing in Britain has a number it’s called a handicap mark lowest being 1 the highest being 176 the higher this number the better the horse is  the more weight they carry.

The lower rated horses often struggle to win races on the grounds of ability pure and simple most of them will never win races if they do your very lucky indeed.

Some do improve and become good horses eventually  they sometimes take time!

But in Diore Lia’s case she shouldn’t have been there she had no chance and the Derby is for colts!

There’s a racing saying “If your not in it you can’t win it” but you must be realistic did they really think she’d win it???

Next time when the filly runs she may be remembered as the horse that almost ran in the Derby wonder what will happen if she wins???????


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