Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E5/18), Tuesday

The Killing Times

I have to say that this fifth episode was my least favourite of the series so far. The previous four episodes had been a stupefying mix of nightmarish surrealism and high farce – Good Coop had battled to escape The Black Lodge, but when he emerged Lynch and Frost gave us something entirely unexpected: he returned to the conscious world, taking the over the body of loser and chancer Dougie Jones, who, we soon found out, was some sort of decoy made by Bob (maybe). Good Coop’s brain was struggling to process the stimuli of our modern world, and he shambled around it with childlike innocence and incredulity. It was almost as if Good Coop was acting out a response to the leaps in technology, habits and consumerist ephemera that litters our world. Twenty-seven years’ absence can do strange things to a person.

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