Life in the Winner’s Enclosure

Sporting Judgement

Professional sport is all about winning.

Iconic US golfer Walter Hagen once said, “nobody remembers who came in 2nd” and in most cases, he’s probably right.

However, the average Joe will struggle to ever experience even coming second in professional sport, never mind winning, and that’s if they ever experience elite sport at all.

Of course, we all have our favourite teams, athletes or nations, and experience all the ups and downs along the way with them. But few ever get to be part of that professional outfit.

In football, you’ll need exceptional talent to get on the pitch and then into a coaching role, or bags of money to become a director, chairman or owner.

The same rules apply for cricket, rugby, tennis or whatever your sport may be.

But where am I going with all of this?

Well, along with football and cricket, horse racing is my sport…

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