Special team to be part of

Surprise! Stealing another one of @alinaboisjoly's great pics for a point I feel has to made. End this month we'll be celebrating the 1st anniversary of this official fan club. So, my lovely ladies, members of my gang, my tribe, who I know prefer working in the shadows, BEFORE you kick off the celebrations for all the fans out there I feel YOU should be in the spotlight (want or not 😎). Everyone knows I started this. Everyone knows I talk a huge deal 😉. But I've said it before and will say it again, it's THEIR daily hard work, THEIR combination of talents and friendship that makes this what it is: site content in different languages, charity actions and products, nearly 15,000 social followers (about 250 to go!), an Instagram reach of about 85,000 a week, an average FB post reach of 22,000… I could go on. No girl could do that on her own, nor would I want to. I'm so proud of what their passion for our common cause, supporting @sebdivo and @ildivo_official, delivers every single day. My name is on the papers, but their hearts are in everything they do and in what matters we're one for all and all for one, always. I'm not easy to work with. I'm not a good friend… I'm often so busy that my atmosphere is more one of chaos than of time for personal relationships, yet they're there for our club and me. I'm lucky and blessed. When we celebrate our anniversary I will raise my glass to YOU, the best international bunch of madhouse, erm, fan club people around! To the ding bats… plural😉… and may their craziness forever prosper 🥂❤️ Anne-Lies x @carotje1987 @delphinecatherine91 @lunaspirit0630 @lesley_ann_jones @lynn.law @vakesayaru @nadinehubaux @4ildivo and Kate! ——– #ildivoamorpasion #photooftheday #sebsoloalbum #teamseb #sebdivo #sifcofficial #ildivofansforcharity #sebastien #izambard #sebastienizambard #ildivo #ildivoofficial #singer #band #musician #music #composer #producer #artist #charityambassador #instagood #instamusic #team #teamwork #dreamteam

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