Elite Racing Club’s magical Marsha Sells for 6 million guineas at Newmarket sales (that’s a cool £6.3 million)



Lot 1848: Marsha becomes the highest-priced horse ever sold at a European auction when selling for 6 million guineas.
She was bought by MV Magnier for a new partnership. Underbidder was John Gosden.
Ed Dunlop, sat with Gaynor Rupert, and David Redvers were involved in the early exchanges, but they gave way when MV Magnier and John Gosden turned up the heat. It developed into a head to head battle between the two powerhouses of Coolmore and Godolphin after Gosden took a bid at 4 million guineas.
The pair duelled through to 4.7 million, until Magnier waved his hand, and to gasps from the crowd, took the price up to 5 million. It was thought then by onlookers that the deal would be done, but Gosden came back from more and the pace was relenting through the next million. Magnier decided to take control and waved the 6 million bid – Godolphin walked.
“She really is something special,” said Magnier. “Sir Mark has done a great job with her, she was very fast and the lads were very keen to have her. She is the best sprinter of the year and she will go to Galileo.”
For Dan Downie of Elite Racing Club it was the end of long day. “I feel exhausted actually,” he smiled. “but no it is exciting, and it is a wonderful for Elite.
“We did have a price at which we would have taken her home ,but we did think it was going to be unlikely. She has been wonderful and always takes everything in her stride. The funds will help with ongoing running of the Club, but we will take a look at our nomination plans in particular for Malinka.

Magnier, who confirmed that the Nunthorpe Stakes winner will be retired, said: “Sir Mark did a wonderful job with her and if we can do half as good, we’ll be okay. She has a lovely presence about her, she’s something very special.”


Feedback on the Brilliance of the Seas Il Divo cruise: 2017

Thanks to diva Juli Robertson for sharing her experience with us all

Feedback on the Brilliance of the Seas Il Divo cruise:
The ship was modern and the food great. There was only one (ship’s program) mishap when event was cancelled with no notice.
Il Divo events: I think Il Divo spent a lot of time with their fans. There were 3 shows: Game Show, Concert and Solo Performances by Urs, Seb, David and Carlos. There were some hiccups with lighting and sound during shows as this was done by ship staff and not Il Divo production staff who know the drill.
Carlos hosted Karoke, Urs hosted a morning run and health/fitness/diet talk as well as a masked ball. David showed his movie Hand of Bridge and Seb hosted Bingo.
The guys appeared all over on the ship – in bars, restaurants, elevators, gym, outside, in Cozumel and at the pool. They were very gracious with their time and allowing photos.
Last night at masked ball Seb took fun to a whole new level by jumping into the pool with his suit and shoes along with some fans.
I believe their 1st cruise was a great success.
The only downside about which many fans were upset was that the fans paid full price for cruise and Royal Caribbean/Rose Tours filled the ship with non-fans for rock bottom prices. Some of the non-fans made fun of the Il Divo fans.
I tried my best to educate the non-fans about Il Divo and the Il Divo magic (effect). We met quite a few who were very happy with my explanations and information about Il Divo.