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New Music from Fillipa Giordano ft Carlos Marin “Right Here Waiting”

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Any time I get to start a post with “new music” and “Carlos Marin” in the same sentence is ALWAYS a good day!

It is no secret that Right Here Waiting is one of my all time favourite songs, when Il Divo put it on Timeless I was overjoyed… finding that Carlos has recorded it on his own has me exploding into little pieces of glitter! well he’s not on his own to be truthful, he’s guesting on Fillipa Giordano’s new album “Friends and Legends” I confess I had no idea who she was until now.

It is a bit odd to see him sing with someone other than Innocence but at the same time it’s nice to see him sing with someone else, if that makes sense!

This duet is fabulous. Fillipa has a really lovely voice, they blend together beautifully. It’s in English and I LOVE IT. BLOODY…

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New solo duet “Right Here Waiting ” with Filippa Giordano on ” Friends & Legends” for Carlos Marin