Thoughts on adult colouring

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My favourite new form of relaxation I’m not arty at all can’t draw or paint to save my life and doing crafts forget it!

But I really enjoyed my first ever attempt at it I definitely felt relaxed doing it and afterwards so I will certainly carry on doing it regularly.


Funny memory stick story

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I’ve saved everything on a stick when my last laptop blew up literally put it away for safe keeping could I find it searched the entire bedroom been looking for 3 years…

I was annoyed I’d lost it as it contained my entire divo collection including stuff like ” Flowers will Bloom” etc…

I have been tidying up a lot this week thrown stuff away J thought I will tidy the drawer of bits and pieces that doesn’t really have a home as I’m going through the rubbish excuse my french I found the fucking stick!!! Couldn’t believe it and the music is still perfect on it thank god it hadn’t been corrupted, there are some old files on it that need deleting then I can add new music! I’ve now put it where I can find it and i bought another one as well.

You have to laugh about it now don’t you!!!!😂😂😂😂😂