Autumn is here….

As I write the rain is blowing against the window and Jason Manford’s  debut album “‘A Different Stage” plays in the background  it’s a great listen and I’m really surprised  as he didn’t  mess up “Stars” from Les  Misrables is on repeat  already!

So where have I been all summer? I haven’t blogged as much due to me having cataract surgery  in both eyes thrilled to say that both operations have been a total success for the first time in my life I’m not wearing glasses at all for anything as you can imagine this is life changing event  for me and it’s taken a little time but I’ve adapted extremely fast and really well to my new life and my family are thrilled by the outcome.

Over the last few months it has dawned on me before my operations that I wasn’t  seeing  very much at all  I was used to everything being blurred  stopped  doing lots of things like reading haven’t  read  a book properly  for 3 years  and I didn’t have much confidence  you don’t when you can’t see where your going and frightened of falling .

But now all that has changed I have a life to live instead of just an existence and it makes my disability so much easier  when I look back to my school days I had thick strong lenses the size of jamjars  heavy which press on your face they made me stand out even in a special school as you can imagine those that were able didn’t  want to be friends with me …

I’d go for the mandatory 2 year eye test I always feel nervous yet doctor’s, dentists,  physio, hospital, don’t bother  me at all I  can vividly remember one optician saying “your short sighted it happens when your 7 years old” ‘ and the squint which I used a patch for a while didn’t work when I was very young I recently looked up that statement  the bit when I was 7 found nothing to support it then I go back again this time it’s “your ok you may need reading glasses” then “you have cataracts  in both eyes  come back  In  12 months”then I’ll refer to a specialist”‘

you have to wait for the cataract  to mature  before removal  got to January  this year the new optician took one look at both”They should have come off .a long time ago can’t believe you’ve  been left for so long ” makes me wonder about the opticians on previous visits I think they were trying to fob me off on account of disability she has other problems  notching  can be done really…..

So I got referred for the first operation  on May 8th and then September 8th the second one was the hardest operation the surgeon  has ever done in his career and doesn’t want to have another one before he retires! He also corrected  my short slghtedness asked how I  was coping  without glasses fine I said I won’t miss spending £200-£400 on glasses  that didn’t really work.

I don’t have to have an eye test for a while so now I can just get on with life.