A great story for disabled horse racing fans


As a female wheelchair user this is scary

I know people think they’re being helpful when they gave you help with the chair but please ask the user first as they never know what someone might do.

“The Stare”

The "DIFF-abled" Buzz


You’re at a restaurant, enjoying lunch with a good friend. Your friend gets up to use the restroom. You’re alone at your table and you’re done eating, no big deal. So you do what’s natural for anyone to do. You take a look at your surroundings, not looking for or at anything in particular.

You spot a lady sitting across the way and something catches your eye. It’s not what she’s wearing or how she looks, it’s what she’s doing…she’s looking at you. Again, no big deal. You think nothing of it and look away. But you happen to look back again, SHE’S STILL LOOKING AT YOU! In fact, this innocent “looking” has become a full fledged STARE!

Let’s admit, you know they are staring, you’ve deliberately looked away and then looked back to catch them. You immediately think “What the “H-E-double hockey sticks” are they looking at?!” (really…

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Why say “disabled” when you could be saying Diff-abled”?

The "DIFF-abled" Buzz

I bet you are wondering, “Does this lady even know how to spell?” “What in the world does ‘Diff-abled’ mean?” “Diff-abled isn’t even a word, genius!” Okay, you are right about that. However, “Diff-abled”, implies that we ARE “abled”, just abled differently. “Diff-abled” isn’t a word recognized yet, BUT it should be! Here’s why.

When you hear the word “Disabled”, what comes to mind? “A person who isn’t able to perform the tasks that are necessary for self care or the care of others because of a physical or mental condition?” “A person whose abilities are “diminished” or “impaired” due to an accident or birth “defect”? Or dare I take from the obviously “ignorant”, rude or less tactful “minds” of society and say “Someone who isn’t ‘normal’ because of a handicap?”…”normal” being a word I hate. Isn’t a positive or pretty picture, is it?

The term “Disabled” has a negative…

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Why do some people fake disability just to get free stuff (which they have no right to)

*Update* Since I wrote this article if you apply for any disabled access tickets for theatres, concerts, or any major sporting event  a lot  of venues ask for proof of genuine disability by submitting your ID and any official paperwork stating your disability most venues didn’t wan’t to bring in this policy regarding tickets it can be a bit of a faff to do at times but it’s the only way to check if  people are “playing the system” and  making sure genuine disabled people get the tickets they  want//need for their event….

In October 2013, I rang Manchester Arena to book my latest Il Divo ticket the special needs team are the best to deal with I buy my ticket (great price) I ask if my usual seats are available ” yes of course what numbers do you usually have?” I gave them the numbers I’m adding up the total cost for my friend who has kindly agreed to be my carer “your carer is free” he said “I’m sorry can you repeat that?” ” your carer goes free ” big mega watt smile! it’s a great initiative to get more disabled people to enjoy events at the arena.
So when I read this article I was annoyed as its unfair on genuinely disabled people………..

*climbs down from soapbox*