I really ought to start that long reading list……

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I wouldn’t say I am a bookworm if it’s a subject I’m interested in I’ll read it. my favourite author is Felix Francis son of top jockey turned successful author Dick he took over the franchise upon the death of his father in February 2010.

I have several of his books to catch up on a new author or two  to explore and some kindle books to finish when I remember to charge it…….

Happy Easter!

Kate x


Thoughts on Slimming World

It’s a lifestyle not a diet healthy eating and in my case portion control I don’t miss pastry , cake, bread, etc everyone in the house has embraced it Mum cooks without any fat and the meals are very tasty and I’ve yet to find a recipe from our slimming world cookbook collection that none of us like, went to my local group for a couple of months I’d be losing weight and all the fat ones would be gaining weight to be honest don’t really think they tried that hard and by October I’d lost the weight I needed to and stopped going altogether no point paying just to get weighed for them to tell me I’ve lost a pound when I can do it at home.

Altogether I lost 1st 5lbs it’s dead easy to do and I enjoy the meals and yes I did pig out over Christmas and I’m back healthy eating again even if I have gained a little weight easy for me lose it I was getting ready to go for NYE I wondered what evening wear would still fit me I tried four tops all were too small now have space again in my wardrobe! Found one of my favourite sweaters fitted better and now hangs better family and friends comment how great I look and I feel better for my weight loss.

I’d recommend Slimming World to anyone it really works for me let me know if it has for you….

Make up update…..

My thoughts on make up……

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Got loads in for Christmas!!! Went out wearing new products last night for NYE friends commented on how great it looked! 🙂 I’m still finishing off old products throwing away one empty bottle a week over the holiday period, so for now I don’t need to join Beauty Pie or Latest In Beauty yet..

Once again I’m really enjoying using and  discovering everything again……

Snippet from Sir Bryn Terfel new album “Dreams & Songs” released 19th October 2018….

Snippet from Sir Bryn Terfel new album “Dreams & Songs” released 14th September 2018….