My thoughts on make up……

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I’ve always been interested in make up skin and hair care but never bothered much in my teens due to my cataract issues and not being able to apply it that well

Friends and family would buy me make up gift sets for christmas/birthdays beautiful as they are I’d open them test them more often than not it’s the wrong shade/product for my skintype which has gone from oily to very dry as i’ve  got older, spent the last year learning how to apply it properly and throwing stuff out because it’s gone “off” I was also an Avon user for years but i learned that cheaper isn’t always best for instance I really hate their perfume I have to use loads to get any smell this summer I bought one of their cream to powder foundations within the week the lid had broken and it complexly melted in this summer heat wave making it awful to use it wasn’t worth the money at all and I no longer use their products.

The thing I’m into now is create your own boxes  from “Latest in Beauty” a subscription service  where you can try 3,6, or 9 products a month which you choose from a list of 150 which you can choose it’s well-known branded stuff  I’m looking forward to trying out new make up and trusted brands I’m like a kid at christmas!


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