Message from Sir Captain Tom Moore

This sums up Coronavirus

I’m in self-isolation no problems could be in lockdown for the foreseeable future, the thing that’s annoying me the most is the crazy panic buying by fucking greedy bastards who are mobile also it’s becoming harder to get online food shop YOU DON’T NEED 20 PACKS OF TOILET ROLLS, SOAP. PASTA.RICE, ETC OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF FOOD LEAVE SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE YOU SELFISH PEOPLE

Can anyone help????

Collabro have improved…..

Our new album #LoveLikeThis will be released on 15 November, and we are delighted to share the first track from that album with you. Listen to ‘Fix You’ here:

Pre-order their album here:

Urgent please read

Right boys and girls I need your help! Does anyone have one of these lying around anywhere? If so could we please have it!? It’s for a little boy with additional needs and he can’t go anywhere without it. It’s his comfort blanket and he needs it to get through the day. If anyone has anywhere could we please have them as tiny whale has gone walkies and we need a replacement for him. If anyone has one there willing to give please let me know. Thank u! Xx

Bohemian Rhapsody – if you love Queen then you MUST SEE this film

“There’s only room in this band for one  hysterical queen”

AS we know the film is really all about Freddie Mercury AKA Farouk Bulsara (changed his name by depol) from his humble beginnings as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport to becoming lead singer of Queen and worldwide superstardom in  between drink/drug fuelled parties wrote some of the greatest songs ever It’s also incredibly moving at times.

Bohemian Rhapsody – if you love Queen then you MUST SEE this film

“There’s only room in this band for one  hysterical queen”

AS we know the film is really all about Freddie Mercury AKA Farouk Bulsara (changed his name by depol) from his humble beginnings as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport to becoming lead singer of Queen and worldwide superstardom in  between drink/drug fuelled parties wrote some of the greatest songs ever It’s also incredibly moving at times.

Beauty & the Beast live action film review

I’m not really into films well I haven’t been able to watch one for a long time pointless going to the cinema with cataracts! As a child growing up with Disney I wondered what the live version would be like and I wasn’t disappointed it’s an absolute visual spectacle a feast for the eyes.

Emma Watson is brilliant as “Belle” and can sing too..

My favourite character “Mrs Potts ‘ voiced brilliantly by Emma Thompson.

All in all an excellent film which I will watch again & again I mean come on you can’t not with Disney can you????


My first ever visit to London visiting Twickenham…………………..

My first thought was can I manage  the tube in a wheelchair? The answer was a resounding yes British Rail staff couldn’t have been more helpful as were the public everyone was so friendly nothing was too much trouble.

Access at Twickenham stadium is fabulous disabled fans are practically on the pitch.

More than 50.000 fans watched England win

The atmosphere was fantastic  the big difference between rugby and football matches is there’s no violence between rival fans and alcohol is permitted it’s so safe you can bring your baby and your grandma!

Me, mum, and her partner ended up in a local cafe drinking after  the match with happy (quite drunk) England rugby fans to be honest I’d rather sit in a bar with them instead of some England football fans………

With regards to security armed police everywhere across  South London but never felt threatend at any stage, at one point we sat outside Kings Cross Station watching the world go by the access is excellent there too!

London I was surprised how easy it was to manage in a wheelchair so if you love England Rugby put it on your “to do” list I will go again 🙂

Riverdance celebrates 20 years

I have seen the show live it’s awesome!!
There isn’t really a plot as such it all about the music and dancing of course!
Its got “a feel good factor ” show……….
Here are my favourite bits!
From this……….

To this…………..

these next two video’s are with the principal dancers I saw live, and years later I got to see Michael Flatley live on stage too!

My all time favourite bit of the show I’ll leave to you to work out why!!!!


My thoughts on Collabro……….

As I write this Collabro are about to start their first ever tour, I listened to their debut album “Stars” and while they can sing none of them made me go “wow” I don’t find them attractive either out of curiosity I checked the ticket price £108.00 with a meet and greet package included in the price I mean seriously!!!!!! They are just too young!!!!!!!
I wouldn’t pay to see them (even if they did win Britains Got Talent 2013 and they got automatically signed to Simon Cowell’s record company SYCO) nor would I buy an album either.
I don’t think IL Divo have anything to worry about when they celebrate their 20th anniversary this lot might be finished, sad but true…….

Concert review

Stunning equine art

This is the first ever piece of art on the blog, sculptor Andy Scott has done an amazing job and the result is stunningly beautiful in my humble opinion.

Embed from Getty Images

From Dogs Home to Britain’s Got Talent!!!!!!!!

bgt3BGT 4BGTSophie got through the her first two auditions for BGT 2013!!!!!!!!
With a great performance and she was a big hit with the judges, contestants and crew and it’s good fun and different for me……… so I think she’ll win it!
So there I was behind the scenes of one of britain’s biggest t. v. programmes, I became a magicians assistant!
It was a great day, and now The Wizard of DogZ! is waiting for a big phone call……….

Her story and previous appearence on BGT is below
Ian & Sophie Magic
Sophie was a problem dog. When only 6 months old she was sent to an animal sanctuary as she was so badly behaved. Still only a puppy, Sophie was there for 6 months and earned the nickname of ‘The Terror’. People came and gave other dogs a home….. nobody wanted Sophie. But then someone did take Sophie home….but just a week later, returned her because of her bad behaviour. Not a good start in life for a little dog!
When Ian & Sophie got together in March 2009 and went to Dog Training Club where this badly behaved little terrier passed (at the 2nd attempt) her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Award. She then went on to pass her Silver and, amazingly, even Gold Award.
At the same time, rather late in life, Ian took up Magic and had the idea to involve Sophie. In December 2009 they were accepted in to the Bradford Magic Circle. Sophie soon took over as the magician, with Ian relegated to the (glamorous) assistant! Recently they have auditioned for, and been accepted into, the Blackburn Modern Mystic League of magicians.
Since taking up magic, this little dog that nobody wanted has featured over 20 times in newspapers throughout Lancashire & Yorkshire, even front page photos and been on newspaper advertising posters. News agencies have booked two hour long photo-shoots with her. Sophie appeared on BBC TV Northwest Tonight. She played Toto in the Wizard Of Oz (where she earned her title as The Wizard Of DogZ). For what was described as ‘her superb performance in her role as Toto, Sophie received the Chairman’s Special Award at the Wharfedale Festival of Theatre and Performing Arts.
Sophie has even been in concert with Settle Orchestra and given numerous magic performances….many for various charities.
In Britain’s Got Talent Sophie got through to the second round and appeared at The Manchester Opera House in front of an audience of over 2000 and was later invited to take part in a cabaret show, (alongside stars of Corry and Dinner Ladies) by Steve Huisson of The Full Monty and Coronation Street.
She has met and been interviewed by Ant and Dec (two really lovely guys) and Stephen Mulhern the magician and TV presenter. Sophie, being a magician, is unique. Stephen Mulhern knows of no other dog magician anywhere in the world. This, surely, then must mean that Sophie is the best Canine Magic show on Earth!
Not bad for a little problem dog that nobody wanted……truly Sophie must be….
The Wizard Of DogZ!Bgt2


Tribute bands any thoughts?

This is slightly different to what I blog about musically but guess what Il Divo have a tribute band!


This vocal group originally from Spain will blow you away with their harmonies and stage presence

FourEver were originally formed as a tribute to the world famous Il Divo. The group features four stunning male vocalists from Uruguay and Spain. Together they captivate audiences with a range of Il Divo’s greatest songs plus many others including hits from Queen and Abba.
FourEver are currently performing across Europe for major corporate events and some of the worlds top hotels and cruise lines.
They’re not my cup of tea but i’m sure they have their own fanbase.

Another one I found don’t really think Il Divo have anything to worry about, personally I prefer the real thing but if it helps them to get new fans then go for it!!

I don’t usually listen to radio

I don’ listen to the radio very often, if I do it’s for a reason.
one of my Friends her brother Eamonn works for the BBC, hosting a weekly radio show
it’s so funny I was crying with laughter.

Here is a snippet

Here is a link to listen to the show.

You can also follow Eamonn on twitter

I hope you give it a listen you won’t be disappointed!

A little taste of the proms in Hyde Park

I have always loved the Last Night of the Proms since I was a child, and this year I’m looking forward to this prom in the park as IL Divo make their debut yay! It’s always a huge honour for an artist to play at one of the park concerts, as it’s a very prestigious event, and it attracts the biggest names in music there is usually something for everyone catering for every taste in music……….
This year the line up beside Il Divo includes west end superstar Alfie Boe and Kylie Minogue as well as some absolutely brilliant classical and fun pieces of music, it’s so enjoyable and the energy is infectious you won’t sit still not even in your armchair!
One of my all time favourite prom pieces of all time is this go on join in you know you want to!!!!!
To all my diva friends going to see “the boys” have fun I will from the comfort of my armchair with a glass of somthing cold and nibbles of course, my idea of great night in now where did I put that union jack………….