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Has a new west end star possibly been discovered on The Voice U.K.?????

I don’t usually pay attention to “The Voice” or “x factor” because normally they are famous for five minutes, but I discovered this singer Karl Loxley on twitter!

He got voted off what a surprise not!!!!
Never mind west end stardom beckons………

Riverdance celebrates 20 years

I have seen the show live it’s awesome!!
There isn’t really a plot as such it all about the music and dancing of course!
Its got “a feel good factor ” show……….
Here are my favourite bits!
From this……….

To this…………..

these next two video’s are with the principal dancers I saw live, and years later I got to see Michael Flatley live on stage too!

My all time favourite bit of the show I’ll leave to you to work out why!!!!


My thoughts on Collabro……….

As I write this Collabro are about to start their first ever tour, I listened to their debut album “Stars” and while they can sing none of them made me go “wow” I don’t find them attractive either out of curiosity I checked the ticket price £108.00 with a meet and greet package included in the price I mean seriously!!!!!! They are just too young!!!!!!!
I wouldn’t pay to see them (even if they did win Britains Got Talent 2013 and they got automatically signed to Simon Cowell’s record company SYCO) nor would I buy an album either.
I don’t think IL Divo have anything to worry about when they celebrate their 20th anniversary this lot might be finished, sad but true…….

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