Meet By The Light

Thanks to Sara King

BY The Light (IRE)
3yo (19Feb11 gr g)
Verglas (IRE) (8.5f) — Margarita (IRE) (Marju (IRE) (9.3f))
Trainer Jim Boyle
Owner Elite Racing Club
Breeder Elite Racing Club

As a member I’m really looking forward to his racecourse debut on May 8 2013, as greys are my favourite colour of racehorses so I have a real soft spot for him.
In case you’re wondering how he was named…………

I really hope you’ll enjoy this new page on the blog for his entire career!!!!!

Well BY the Light ran what I thought was a very promising first race, he’ll know more next time.

And here are the detailed post race comments

By The Light’s next race is 20.5.13.
Here it is

he didn’t win but I’m not worried yet, plenty of time!
He was a bit naughty before his first run but he was very well behaved today so onwards and upwards…..
Post race comments

By the Light’s next race is on 18.6.13. Will he be third time lucky?????
Not this time


Great photo Thanks to Patricia Read

Really pleased with this run needs longer distances now, can’t wait for next time!

Post race comments

BY the Light’s next race is on 15.8.13.

Very pleased with his run there’s a racehorse there

Post race comments

By the Light’s next race is on 27.8.13.

Bit of a disappointing performance it was his first try on an artificial racing surface made from sand, so he would either love it or hate it!

He hated it!

He resented the kickback (its like having sand thrown in your face and some horses resent that)
so i’m inclined to forget this race and i’m still keeping the faith………..

post race comments

By The Light’s next race is on 28.9.13.

Very pleased with him, he ran his best race so far and showed he has ability and needs further as he matures and older…….

Post race comments

By THe Light’s next race is on 11.10.13,

very pleased again just needs further!!

post race comments

As is always the case with racehorses, bad news usually accompanies good and,
unfortunately, it is time to admit defeat with By The Light. Formerly in training with Mark
Johnston, By The Light was given a holiday after failing to win as a two-year-old last season
and sent to Jim Boyle to resume training in December. Jim had been pleased with our son
of Verglas, but despite not being under any pressure, he went lame behind last week and will
need a significant period of rest to enable his hock joint to stabilise. Having consulted with
both Jim and the vets, it was agreed that the most sensible decision would be to retire By
The Light from racing. Luckily, he couldn’t be in better hands currently, as Jim’s wife, Pippa,
has an excellent record of re-homing ex-racehorses. Once By The Light is sound, Pippa will
be hard at work to find him a forever home


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