End of an era for british crime solving

I’m not surprised as I haven’t watched it since September 2016.


Katherine Jenkins to present BBC “Songs Of Praise”

BBC4 picks up Swedish thriller Black Lake

Another good thing to watch

The Killing Times

We’ve heard whistles in the wind that BBC4 – once the beacon of foreign-language crime drama in its 9pm Saturday slot – is looking for things that are slightly different. This chimes with recent articles in British newspaper The Guardian, which proclaimed that Nordic Noir as we know it is dead, and that broadcasters are looking for something different to what has been available; a new twist to the genre. So, with all that in mind it’s interesting the channel has gone back to Scandinavia to buy a Swedish thriller that has a touch of the horror genre about it.

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U.K. t.v. premiere for “Being A.P.”

Got the dvd watched it loads awesome!!!