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It would appear, though Carlos himself hasn’t actually said it but he seems to be in some sort of collaboration with this company. He has posted a couple of tweets now promoting gentlemen’s watches by Azzule. I don’t know much about them, seems they might be a new company as their twitter account was only set up in May this year but if they’ve got Carlos on board with them it can only be good 😀

There was this photo taken earlier in the year

and this one posted today

Personally I think it’s great and I look forward to seeing and hearing more 😀

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Latest interview with Carlos on plans for new Il Divo project/album

We want to reach a much younger audience’

June 27, 2017

“We are working on a new project, we do not know yet what it will become, but we aim to sing songs for a younger audience, to call a new audience,” warns Spaniard Carlos Marín, 48, a member of Il Divo , A group that comes to Brazil in October for several shows.

“We are not going to focus exclusively on songs from the 1980s or 1990s. We want to create a concept of film too,” says the singer, giving a hint of what is coming, but ending the subject.

The group emerged in 2004, when it was joined by producer Simon Cowell. “It was difficult at first, we had to learn English and build our relationship,” recalls Marín, who has since sung alongside Urs Buhler, David Miller and Sébastien Izambard.

“It was complicated, but now we know what everyone is thinking. We have very good chemistry in the studio,” he continues.

The last album they released together was in 2015, “Amor e Passion”. According to Carlos, there is a project to leave an album every two years, at least.

It has not been so long since the band came to Brazil. Our last visit was in December of last year. Without a very big break between tours, Marín says the show, now, is completely different. “We came before with only Latin songs. Now the concept is totally different,” he says.

“We thought it was time to take our most famous songs to Brazil, the ones everyone asks for. We think that this would bring us closer to the audience,” says Marín.

Asked about what the group likes in Brazil, since it comes with a certain frequency, the singer says: “People are fantastic, and so are your women.”

But he remembered more things: “You have a fantastic way, similar to ours in Spain. Great music and food.”