What’s missing from your IL Divo cd/dvd collection????????????


Pre order Ball & Boe “Together Again”

Following on from “Ball & Boe are they back for more????


Michael & Alfie are back to announce their new album. Pre Order your CD, CD/DVD, signed and fan editions at
Released 10th November 2017
*Includes the Ball & Boe: One Night Only TV special where the two vocal powerhouses take to the stage to perform some of their critically acclaimed hits, as well as material from their first album, ‘Together’

U.K. t.v. premiere for “Being A.P.”

Got the dvd watched it loads awesome!!!

My thoughts on ” IL DIVO LIVE IN JAPAN” 2016 Limited edition dvd………

For the first time in years I decided not to go out on Christmas Eve the local bar closed early and the weather was awful due to “storm Barbara” so settled down with a glass or two and my copy of “Il Divo Live in Japan” 2016 limited edition dvd it’s an absolutely stunning production well worth the money to get it imported via Amazon Japan and there is even a bonus track in “Furusato” which is incredibly moving.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐