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My thoughts on outdoor summer concerts and alcohol 

A few days ago I was scrolling through my Twitter when one of my followers mentions she went see Michael Ball & Alfie Boe during “Together Again ” at Hampton Court Palace the evening was marred by some drunks and she was sworn at and almost got caught up in a fight.

I was shocked when she told me what happened I’m used to it at the races but not at a concert especially Michael & Alfie !

Remember its just a small minority of so called “fans” who are out to ruin it for fellow concert goers I’m not saying don’t drink just know your limits and be respectful of others ☺
I would love to film it and show them the day after there’s a time and place for it.
I also don’t get how some people think it’s acceptable to behave like that in public I’m not big drinker I obect to rude and obnoxious drunks though.
But I draw theline at drunken antics around families with children.