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Hello, it’s me 😊 How are you all? I was thinking the last few days how much I would love all the celebs on Instagram to support my new vision/ mission in life, which is to inspire and create consciousness as I am a big believer when we are all uniting we create a synergy/ a force that is beyond what any human alone can do and beyond our wildest dream. When I say inspire I don’t mean that I’m perfect and I know everything. I’m actually very much the opposite I am not perfect and I know nothing. And I do need all of you and all the ones who don’t know about this page!!! How about if we use Love as a weapon in life. Love I believe is the answer to everything. It’s not always possible but I have had an experience couple weeks ago where I felt someone in the street was angry and didn’t want to chat as he was screaming very loud…I judged that person, I got scared of him so I started to walk away… I have learnt lately that I have to stretch myself this is where my growth is so I went to see that person and behind that screaming I saw an beautiful person he was actually probably the person who needed the most to be approached so I did. He was screaming for connection, being seen, being heard, being loved but he just didn’t know how to verbalised this (that is what I am making up about) It was so powerful and I learn so much from that man. We hugged each other and I felt I could make the difference if I would stay open, conscious and creating connection. So today my invitation to you would be can we get as many people as we can and create a @Sebdivo consciousness once a week where we bring as many strangers as possible (your neighbour, your enemies, your best friend, a stranger?) Can we get these celebs to help? Can we spread the word like a good “virus”? Let me know what you’d like to create through @Sebdivo and we are going to rock the planet 🌎 together and get as many people to bring that love back into our life and connection real connection… let’s do it! 💖 I can’t wait to read your comments below👇🏼 @ildivo @sifcofficial #rocktheplanet #consciousness #wecameheretolove #ichooseloveasaweapon #letsgo

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15,000 Istagram followers for Sebastien Izambard Official Fanclub

So humbled and grateful with the support of all of our Instagram followers! We're proud to be a little part of all of your lives as official fan club and hope to be for a long time! You're all such a wonderful example of friendship and global love! Each of you in your own way support Seb and Il Divo and that's such a wonderful thing. Let's continue to be a community of love and support for our dear @sebdivo, reach out to as many people as we can to follow him and follow his beautiful example of humanity and connection! Thank you Seb for your unwavering trust and respect. Thank you all so much for your support, we hope to reward your loyalty with tenfold the love in the near future! Big love to everyone from the team! ​ (Photo @marioschmolka) _________________________ #sebdivo #sebastienizambard #sifcofficial #teamseb #wecameheretolove #ildivo #singer #band #superstar #vip #music #composer #producer #artist #instagood #instamusic #timeless #ildivotimeless #timelesstour #ildivotour2018 #socialfollowers #love #gratitude #fanclub #fanpower #spreadthelove

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Sebastien Izambard Official Fanclub Istagram/Twitter giveaway winner is…

We had several hundreds of entries for our first Instagram/Twitter giveaway, which really blew us away! Thanks guys! It’s wonderful to see how many people loyally follow @sebdivo, so time to reward that loyalty! The winner this time is…. @stellamcasas! Congratulations, we’ll contact you via DM. Everyone else, don’t despair, there’s lots more exclusive stuff on the way via charity raffles or otherwise. In fact, how would you feel about a unique sparkly @ildivo giveaway when the Timeless album is released? It seems like a fun way to celebrate… let us know if you agree! Thank you again so much for your support for Seb and Il Divo… and of course, keep it right up! 😉 _________________________ #sebdivo #sebastienizambard #sifcofficial #teamseb #wecameheretolove #ildivo #singer #band #superstar #vip #music #composer #producer #artist #instagood #instamusic #timeless #ildivotimeless #timelesstour #ildivotour2018 #carlosmarin #davidmiller #ursbuhler #giveaway #forfree #winner

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Who wants an exclusive Sebastien Izambard Japan concert keyring???

Sebastien Izambard Official Fanclub print sale update