Il Divo Timeless in Prague this October


Concert-goers against discrimination – update

Hello, everyone, it is Joanna from Poland again. I would like to update you on progress o the action against the event agency which discriminates wheelchair users.

First days of such actions are always frustrating and so it is this time too. I have exchanged loads of emails with the agency to get their clear statement regarding the disability terms and condition. First, the worker claimed that excluding wheelchair users from part of their services happens due to safety procedures (sic! and the wheelchair user is said to be the potential danger causing factor). No, I am not kidding. Am I supposed to kill a superstar because I poke him with a wheelchair?! I expressed shock to the lady with whom I was writing and things only got more irritating. She said that tbh the main reason they don’t allow us better places or meet&greets are the prices too high for income of an average local disabled person. Really? I would spend my last darn cent on seeing Divos no matter the consequences!

Discussions with the agency drove me up the wall so I started seeking help. Wrote emails to a bunch of most influential NGO’s as well as the government’s spokesperson for disability issues. Most of them were not interested at all or tried to help by directing me somewhere else. Finally, the Polish Society for Antidiscrimination Law gave me a helping hand and I got their lawyer to write a letter of intervention to the agency, for which I am still waiting.

I am also closely collaborating with the fan club of Sebastien Izambard. The ladies I met there took my case to the artist in person and the Il Divo manager got involved thanks to Seb as well. I hope that the artist’s intervention for fans will open the agency’s staff’s eyes and nothing more will be needed.

That’s all I can tell you for now. As soon as I am informed if the band or my lawyer succeeded or not, I will post an update here and launch plan B if needed.

Concert-goers against disability discrimination

Hello, Divos and Divas from all around the world! I am Joanna from Poland and thanks to Kate’s kind invitation I will address a certain issue affecting Polish Il Divo fans in wheelchairs.

I am a devoted music fan for many years to date. My music interests vary from hardcore stuff like heavy metal to soft tones presented by our four beloved Divos. I must say that having been to some different shows in my lifetime I have gone through loads of really disappointing situations of discrimination directed towards me as a wheelchair-bound person. I am here to highlight the problem and make us all unite to stand up against such things.

My stories started a few years back when I first attended a Scorpions show in Łódź, Poland. It was organized by the local leading event agency called Prestige MJM same as two other shows I attended much later.

The agency mentioned above is the rudest, unjust and discriminating company across the country. In the name of “safety” and my two carers having first row tickets have been placed in the zone behind all the audience where you see nothing but butts of the other spectators. And moreover, our tickets included meet&greet pass where I was not let in, also for the sake of “safety”.

I am utterly against such treatment so I took matters in my own hands. Having browsed through loads of documents and resolutions, I found out that the company is breaking the UNO charts point regarding equality and accessibility. Being sure it is all against the law, I started a Facebook group called Concert-goers against discrimination/Fani koncertów przeciw dyskryminacji.

If you care about the situation of your Polish gig mates on wheels, please join me in sending complaints to the agency via the mentioned group and add as many people as possible to make things right before the show of our beloved boys. Wheelchair-users deserve respect and have rights to get pics or autographs.