Walter Presents acquires Norwegian drama, The River

The Killing Times

Channel 4’s foreign-language brand, Walter Presents, has been very busy of late, and now the service, which streams in the UK via All4 (and as Walter Presents in the US and Australia) has announced it has nabbed a new Norwegian series for broadcast in its territories.

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Channel 4/Walter Presents confirm Rebecka Martinsson transmission date

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We’ve been hearing good things about Swedish series, Rebecka Martinsson (or Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders to give it its full title). We know Walter Presents have picked it up for UK broadcast, but we don’t know which channel in the Channel 4 network will get the honour of showing it. Now we do.

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Hans Rosenfeldt: The Bridge IV inspired by refugee crisis

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The brilliant Hans Rosenfeldt, the man behind The Bridge, always talks of the ‘second story’ when answering questions about the differences between Scandinavian crime dramas and those from, say, the UK or the US. The ‘second story’ refers that strong socio-political context that fires much of the best output from the region. Now, with the premiere of series four mere days away for our friends on mainland Europe (before you ask, incredibly there’s still no word as to when it’ll appear in the UK), Rosenfeldt has spoken about the inspiration for this fourth and final series.

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RVK releases first footage from series two of Trapped

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Filming doesn’t end until way after Christmas, but Iceland’s RVK Studios gave all fans of Trapped a Christmas treat yesterday – it released the first trailer from series two on its facebook page. Well, it’s not really a trailer, but more of a snippet. Take a look after the jump…

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Channel 4 confirms Before We Die transmission date

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In the onslaught of new shows and transmission dates for the early part of January, this one almost slipped through the net. Almost. The other day, Our Charlotte brought us news that Swedish series, Before We Die, had been acquired by Walter Presents (the story’s here). But wait. News now reaches us that the Swedish thriller will launch and transmit in full on Channel 4 but will also, for the first time, be simultaneously available to view on demand in its entirety on All 4.

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Icelandic crime drama The Flatey Enigma coming in 2018

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And the Nordic Noirs just keep on coming. Good. We haven’t seen too much out of Iceland since Trapped and Case, although series two of Trapped – the winner of our Crime Drama Of The Year last year – is filming at the moment. Now news reaches us of a new crime drama show, co-produced by Sagafilms and Reykjavik Films, which should be with us next year. Here’s hoping…

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