New Swedish crime drama goes to post-war Berlin

The Killing Times

Sweden’s Måns Mårlind – the creator of Midnight Sun and writer on The Bridge – is behind a new, English-language thriller set in Berlin in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

The eight-part Shadow Play centres on Max McLaughlin, an American cop who arrives in Berlin in the summer of 1946 to help create a police force in the chaotic aftermath of the war. Max’s goal is to take down “Englemacher” Gladow, the Capone of post-war Berlin. At the same time, he undertakes a secret crusade to find his missing brother, who is killing ex-Nazis in hiding. However, Max is unaware that he is being used as a pawn in what is the very beginning of the Cold War.

Sounds like a hint of Babylon Berlin meets Boardwalk Empire, which is absolutely fine with us.

The series is set to start production next spring, so more news as…

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CD Review Il Divo Timeless

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By either design or happenstance Il Divo began the Timeless tour at the start of the year but only released the accompanying album now. As a result I’d already heard all these songs live, so I knew in advance just how good this album was going to be.

All of Me is possibly my favourite track, I love the beat they’ve put to it, I love that it’s sung in English. Closely following is Right Here Waiting, which is one of my all time favourite songs, their version is just ❤ ❤ ❤  emojis are for when words fail right?

They have gone back to singing in several languages on this album, Spanish, Italian, French and English. The tour was at stately homes and castles, something else they haven’t done for years. I love it.

There is a Spanish cover of Robbie Williams’s Angels (also a favourite of mine) and…

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Series two of Springfloden to start in Sweden in September

The Killing Times

Springfloden (Spring Tide) is a series we haven’t been able to watch in the UK, but we still like to keep up with what’s happening over the water in Scandinavia.

The Swedish series – broadcast on SVT – is based on the books by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind and sees Julia Ragnarsson and Kjell Bergqvist return as Olivia Rönning and Tom Stilton respectively (Danish crime drama perennial Dar Salim is also back).

Series two is set to start its second series on 16th September, and plot-wise it goes something like this: Rönning and Stilton cross paths once more when the murder of a circus performer in Marseilles is believed to be linked to the suicide of a customs official. Their investigation leads them into the cynical world of risk capital where serious money is being milked from the Swedish welfare system.

More news as we get it…

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More4 confirms transmission date for Belgian crime drama Code 37: Sex Crimes — The Killing Times

Walter Presents has been busy recently. The Channel 4-affiliated online brand has announced it has an Israeli crime drama (read about that here) and two new Nordic crime dramas (read about that here) waiting in the wings. Now the brand has announced that it has snapped up Belgian crime drama Code 37: Sex Crimes and […]

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New music from Il Divo – Aquí Esperándote (Right Here Waiting)

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This is the second single from the upcoming Timeless album (out on August 10th and available for pre order now isn’t that right David 😉 ) It is a Spanish cover of the Richard Marx song and it’s been on my wish list for them to sing for a very long time, along with Robbie William’s Angels, which is also on the album.

Their version is beautiful, it sounds even better live. It is the kind of song that works so well with their style and voices.

There is a video to accompany it, entitled The Pianist, which shows Seb’s character’s perspective of the events in the Hola video (They shot Carlos, I am still not over that) whereas that one was all intrigue, action and Carlos doing his own stunts (yes he did, David told me) , this video is more melancholy and reflective. Unfortunately it got taken down…

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Leif GW Persson’s Gone In Snow to start in Sweden next month — The Killing Times

Ast the end of last year, we bought you news that Leif GW Persson’s The Dying Detective was to air on Swedish channel SVT. Now the celebrated crime novelist has a new project, but this time it’s based on an idea rather than a novel. Gone In Snow (Det som göms i snö) is to transmit […]

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BBC Four confirms Cardinal: Black Fly Season transmission date

The Killing Times

Despite its flaws and Billy Campbell’s incessant half-whisper, Cardinal was very watchable when series one of the Canadian crime drama debuted on BBC Four last year.

Now we have series two, subtitled Black Fly Season, which BBC Four has confirmed the transmission details.

Series one saw Detective John Cardinal (Campbell) return to his hometown after 10 years to join the homicide brigade. With the help of Lisa Delorme (Karine Vanasse), his new partner, he must investigate the death of a teenager. That wasn’t all – Old Cardie was being investigated for corruption, too.

Series two will be a six-part, shown in double bills each Saturday. Here’s a trailer:

In series two, after the long, dark winter, everything seems to be going well for detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme. But the dream of an idyllic summer is soon shattered when a young woman shows up in town with a bullet…

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