Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E8/19), Tuesday 27th June, Sky Atlantic

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The first thing to say about this episode is, “wow”. The second thing to say about this episode is, “wah?” It was that kind of episode. Again. Constantly throughout this third series of Twin Peaks, you think you kind-of-maybe-sort-of-know what’s happening and can perhaps kind-of-maybe-sort-of-predict what might happen. But then all your assumptions are ripped up in the most unexpected, mind-frazzling, dazzling way possible, to the extent you sit there in stony silence wondering what the fuckety-fuck just happened. This was one of those episodes.

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More4 confirms transmission date for series two of Dicte

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Danish series Dicte might have stretched the bounds of credibility on numerous occasions, but it did feature a character that bucked the trend in so-called Nordic Noir – crime reporter Dicte Svendsen was messy, sociable, funny and hung out with a group of female friends that made you laugh and snort and feel for them. She was hugely likeable, as was Iben Hjejle, who played her. So it’s great news that series two is looming large on the horizon, and Channel 4 has now confirmed its transmission date.

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Jägarna to return as TV series on Swedish television

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Ninety-ninety-six’s Jägarna (The Hunters) was a medium-sized hit in its native Sweden. It told the story of a policeman from Stockholm who goes to Norrland to join his brother after their parents died. While there he started to work on a long-running case where deer have been poached and soon discovers that his brother is involved. Now it’s back, this time as a TV series.

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Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E7/18), Tuesday 20th June, Sky Atlantic

The Killing Times

Without doubt, Twin Peaks is the hardest show I’ve ever had to review in this site’s relatively short life. Not only is it dazzlingly brilliant in places, it’s also frustrating, strange and doesn’t follow any of the narrative conventions we’ve all come to know. If that wasn’t enough, this series has required extreme patience, as Good Coop slowly starts to find himself again. There were signs in part six that he was beginning to emerge from his Dougie Jones reverie, and there were more signs in part seven, too. 

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Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E6/18), Tuesday 13th June, Sky Atlantic

The Killing Times

Five weeks in and we were no closer to a resolution to the fate of Good Coop – Agent Dale Cooper – returned from The Black Lodge, and living back in the conscious world as Dougie Jones, still struggling to grasp basic social, movement and speech skills. To begin with, his predicament was high comedy, but as the minutes, hours, wore on I was left wondering – hoping, even – that it wouldn’t be too long until this strange duality would be resolved. The sooner we got Agent Dale Cooper back the better. There were signs in this sixth part that things were starting to turn around.

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SVT confirms second series of Jordskott; releases trailer

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screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-09-39-10Although Swedish series Jordskott was broadcast here in the UK on ITV Encore, it did fantastically well internationally, and was sold and played out in 50 countries. It was an insane, bonkers series that told the story of Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel), who returns to Silver Height seven years after her daughter Josefine disappeared by a lake in the woods. The body was never found and the girl was believed to have drowned. Then a boy vanished without a trace and Eva was intent on finding out if there was a link to her daughter’s disappearance. That was just the start of things: add in some ancestral weirdness with her dad, timber empire man Johan Thörnblad, witches, woodland folk and strange black liquid and Jordskott was like your traditional Scandi Noir mixed with a fairytale. Finally we have confirmation of a second series and a trailer to go with it.

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Series two of Jordskott to premiere in Sweden in October

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As long-time readers of the site will know, I was a fan of series one of Swedish environmental (or just mental) procedural, Jordskott, when it first hit UK screen in 2015. We’ve known for a while that series two is on its way and that filming had taken place earlier this year. Now we know when series two will premiere in its native Sweden.

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