SPECIAL REPORT: Everything we know about Trapped 2, plus production team interviews

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We’re all about The Bridge IIII at the moment (did you notice?), but waiting in the wings is one of the other Nordic heavyweights – Trapped, from Iceland.

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RVK reveals first trailer for series two of Trapped

The Killing Times

Yes, we’re all getting excited with series four of The Bridge about to kick-off in the UK, but waiting in the wings is another crime drama heavyweight and one of our favourite – Iceland’s Trapped.

The second is series has been filming in Reykjavik, but now host broadcaster RVK has released an Icelandic-language trailer. Unfortunately, we can’t embed it here, but from what we can see it looks fantastic.

To view it click here.

What’s more, more plot details have emerged.

Series two, according to RVK will cover the death of two people, but the plot is far more complicated. Creator and director, Baltasar Kormákur, says: “Audiences can expect a series similar to the former, but in many ways very different.”

The series also deals with current issues such as foreign labour and heavy industry.  “Inside this comes the ethnicity, its boundaries and the facilities of people living…

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Walter Presents acquires Danish series Greyzone for UK broadcast

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Full disclosure: I’m still not entirely sure that Danish series Greyzone is crime or not. It feels like more of a political thriller, but because it’s got good, familiar people in it and, well, it’s Danish (as well as Swedish and German, too), we think it’ll be of interest to readers of The Killing Times, regardless of whether it’s pure crime or not. Actually, come to think of it, it feels like more like a hostage drama with some political stuff tacked on. (Where have we seen a Danish hostage thriller with political stuff tacked on recently?)

So, Greyzone (or Gråzon in its native tongue) is coming to the UK and has a very recognisable star at its centre.

Variety describes it as:

Set in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Frankfurt, the series follows Victoria, played by “Borgen” star Brigitte Hjort Sørensen, a drone engineer who is taken hostage by…

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Hans Rosenfeldt: Saga should have died in series one

The Killing Times

You don’t have to tell us, but series four of The Bridge has been a long time coming. Far too long a time coming. In fact, a ridiculous amount of time to wait. This fourth and final series of the crime drama heavyweight has been and gone on the mainland, so we are playing catch-up. But… here we go. During a launch at London’s BFI, the cast – including Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhardt, as well as writers Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren – were in attendance for a Q&A after a screening of the first episode. And there was some really interesting nuggets from the evening.

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US production company developing American version of I Know Who You Are

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Oh how we enjoyed Spanish series I Know Who You Are (Sé quién eres). The twisty-turny series – which we dubbed Shakespeare on speed – was such fun, populated as it was by such a loathsome cast of characters (too loathsome for some) and possessed of such a fervent pace that it was tremendous fun to watch. In fact, we voted it number six in our favourite crime dramas of 2017 (read that here). Now news reaches us that a US network will rework it for an American audience.

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BBC Four confirms Salamander: Blood Diamonds transmission date

Need to watch series 1!

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BBC Four has had to alter its scheduling slightly in the wake of the break in Below The Surface, but one thing has been fairly sure for a few weeks now: Belgian series Salamander will follow the Danish hostage story. Now we have confirmation of when it will be transmitted.

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