SVT releases trailer for series two of Jordskott

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Well, they come like buses. You don’t hear from any Scandinavian favourites for a while and then two come along in the same day. Earlier, there was The Bridge’s series four trailer earlier today, and now it’s Jordskott’s turn. The series, starring Moa Gammel, is back for its second run later this year, and now there’s a trailer.

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The first series four trailer for The Bridge hits internet

The Killing Times

Despite the sheer weight of new crime drama this year, there’s only one series we’ve got our eyes on. (Actually, that’s not entirely true, we have our eyes on series six of Spiral, a couple of things on Netflix, the Williams brothers’ Rellik, and The Deuce on HBO/Sky Atlantic). But for dramatic effect, let’s just assume that we have indeed got our eyes on one particular series – the fourth instalment of The Bridge. Or Bron, or Broen, depending on where you come from. There is excitement in the air because the first proper trailer has been released. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E13&14/18), Monday 7th and 14th August, Sky Atlantic

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Any long-time viewers of Twin Peaks will have been at once beguiled, terrified and intrigued, as well as frustrated by this extraordinary third series. We’ve been waiting patiently through all the errant, seemingly innocuous and scattered scenes and new characters, hoping that Good Coop is finally revived from his catatonic state and that Bad Coop is returned to The Black Lodge. Finally, finally, by the end of part 14, things looked as though they were on the move.

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I Know Who You Are to return for second series later this year

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If you’ve been reading my reviews of Spanish series I Know Who You Are, you’ll know I’ve been quite taken by it all. Of course it’s flawed and daft, and beggars belief sometimes, but I’ve enjoyed the pace, the brazen commitment to telling what is an ultra high-concept story, and the characters – no one is who they seem and everyone has stuff going on. Saying all that, there has been one thing that has been bothering me…

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Blake Journeys to Taipei


Bye bye everyone! Off to Taiwan we go, the National Concert Hall awaits!

Off we go! A huge honour for us Brits to be headed to Taiwan to give a concert in their most iconic venue!

11 hours of flying to HK, 3 more to Taipei & straight into rehearsals! No time to conquer jetlag, we just #redbull & go I expect to have no idea what planet I’m on by around early evening, but that’s the way it is with international touring. Currently 8:15am here, but my body clock is 8 hours behind at midnight; hence why I’m cradling a Starbucks & listening to electro very loud, must stay awake

First order of business upon arrival in Taipei? Local beef noodles, with all their offally goodness & flavour! Our wonderful agent Catherine knows all the best places, we’re lucky boys! Yummy!

Our first visit to the big night…

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Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E12/18), Tuesday 1st August, Sky Atlantic

The Killing Times

After this 12th part of series three of Twin Peaks, there are only six episodes left, and there’s still a huge amount to tie up – if indeed David Lynch is indeed in the mood to tie things up at all. Who knows what’s going to happen? Will the Dougie Jones/Good Coop issue be resolved – or at least begin to be resolved – in this episode? Of course not.

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Carlos Marin and Azzule Lifestyle

Early Rising Mum

It would appear, though Carlos himself hasn’t actually said it but he seems to be in some sort of collaboration with this company. He has posted a couple of tweets now promoting gentlemen’s watches by Azzule. I don’t know much about them, seems they might be a new company as their twitter account was only set up in May this year but if they’ve got Carlos on board with them it can only be good 😀

There was this photo taken earlier in the year

and this one posted today

Personally I think it’s great and I look forward to seeing and hearing more 😀

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