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Sky Atlantic releases two new Twin Peaks teasers

Not long now!

The Killing Times

watch_the_new_cryptic_teaser_trailers_for_the_twin_peaks_sequelUp until now all the cryptic promotional material for the new, upcoming Twin Peaks has been from the US and its new network home, Showtime. But now Twin Peaks’ UK broadcaster, Sky Atlantic, is getting in on the act with its own promo campaign, a campaign that has seen two new teaser trailers released in the past day or so.

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Melinda Kinneman and Henrik Norlén begin filming season two of Modus

Loved the first series

The Killing Times

modusOur ears prick up every time we hear of a new slither of news coming from Scandinavian or the Nordic countries – despite so much more content from the region becoming available in the UK and elsewhere, we’re STILL always up for a bit of Scandi action. Modus (based on the books by Anne Holt) arrived in the UK just before Christmas with a bit of a fanfare – it had been a while since BBC4 had a Scandi drama in the Saturday, 9pm slot – and festive Stockholm looked gorgeous. The perfect place to set a winter murder story. And now there’s a second series on the way.

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Showtime and Sky Atlantic confirms Twin Peaks transmission date

Brilliant can’t wait that’s my summer viewing sorted!

The Killing Times

twin-peaksIf you read our Quite Large Crime Drama Preview For 2017 (here if you haven’t), one of the things that included was the return of Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s era-defining crime show that crossed dimensions and introduced us to myriad much-remembered characters. So we all know it’s back this year, but until this moment didn’t know when. Autumn? Summer? Yes, probably summer. Now Showtime, the show’s new US home, has revealed the start date.

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The Killings Times’ Quite Large 2017 Crime Drama Preview — The Killing Times

Right, it’s back to business. We’ve had Sherlock to kick 2017 off in big, thrillery style and this week is jam-packed full of new crime dramas. But it’s not just this week that’s jam-packed with stuff, oh no. The whole bloody year looks as though it’ll be rammed with crime drama. So I’ve scoured the […]

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Sprinter Sacre. Thanks For The Memories. 

Beautiful tribute

After a career spent on cloud 9, it was announced on Sunday that the Black Aeroplane had flown for the very last time.

The horse who soared to supremacy and leapt into the hearts of us all, has reached his final destination, retirement.

He moved with the all the poise and grace of a ballet dancer, while carrying the looks and physique of a Hollywood heartthrob. In a world where beauty is as beauty does, he didn’t disappoint.

And make no mistake about it, he knew it alright. A show off with the swagger of a champion, he craved attention like a child craves sweets.

When it came to strutting his stuff, he was the Shakespearean actor that hogged the spotlight whenever he entered stage right.

Sprinter Sacre was simply Box Office.

After finishing third in the 2011 Supreme Novice Hurdle, his adoring trainer Nicky Henderson boldly remarked that he’d…

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Trailer: Modus, BBC4

Following on from my posting the other day now I really cant wait!

The Killing Times

modus_1_While watching the pretty average Deep Water last night on BBC4, the channel, on between the double-billed episodes, played out a trailer for Modus, the highly-anticipated Swedish crime drama starting in a couple of weeks. I wanted to post that trailer here, but couldn’t find it. Instead, here’s a better one, from distributor Freemantle. Looks  good, no? Have a watch after the jump.

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